Our wedding party

Andy's attendants
  • Joe Humann, Best Man
    Joe is the middle brother in my family. We have been fortunate to live close to each other over the last few years and I have enjoyed helping out with his two kids, Co-Coaching our cellar-dwelling slow-pitch softball team, and attending Twins and Vikings games with him.
    Joe and his wife Sara live in Golden Valley, and have 2 kids: Max (4) and Sydney (2).
  • Sam Humann, Best Man
    Sam is the oldest of the Humann boys, and for those of you who have had the privileged of meeting Sam know that he cannot be summed up in this short of space. Sam is a "spirited" NDSU Bison and Vikings fan...to say the least.
    Sam and his wife Gwen live in Richville, near Ottertail Lake.
  • Will Ferguson, Groomsman
    Will is a cousin of mine who I have shared many good times with. He is often out at Ottertail fishing throughout the summer, and is the best fisherman I know. I attended my first Springsteen concert with Will in Milwaukee in 2007.
    He and his fiancé Katie are getting married in August, and currently live in Moorhead, MN.
  • Adam Frie, Groomsman
    I met Adam right away freshman year during fall football camp a long with a large group of others from Cold Spring. He lived two doors down from me with his roommate Alex (also a groomsmen). Adam was one of my closest friends through college and remains still to this day. Frie shares a strong passion for music, and we have attended ~15 concerts together including Tom Petty, ACDC (x3), Bruce Springsteen (x2), Metallica (x2), The Hold Steady (x2), and KISS.
    Adam and his wife Samantha currently live in Plymouth.
  • Aaron Schwartz, Groomsman
    Schwartz and I also met freshman year in fall football camp. He is also another Cold Spring guy. I lived with Schwartz at our house in St Joe, and ironically became closer friends with him when he started his bartending gig at The La. As an avid outdoorsmen and fisherman, I feel that I returned the favor when I was employed at Gander Mountain. Schwartz is also my all-time beer pong partner, which holds our relationship in the highest honor.
    Aaron and his wife Krysten currently reside in Blaine, MN.
  • Alex Kofoed, Groomsman
    Kofoed is also a Cold Spring guy and also lived 2 doors down from me freshman year. We became close friends throughout our college years and lived together at our house in St Joe. A fun loving guy, Kofoed is always looking for the next happy hour or leading our Men's League Football team to another League Title.
    Alex and his wife Meghan currently live in Eden Prairie.
  • Chris Reder, Usher
    Chris has been my best friend since high school. A globetrotter, Chris has lived in Arizona, California, Colorado and Minnesota since high school graduation. This created a great excuse to travel over the past years to each of these locations. While we still haven't hit on any of our entrepreneurial visions over the years, we remain optimistic that one of our ideas will make millionaires one day.
    Chris currently resides in St Louis Park.
  • Kurt Kipka, Usher
    Kurt and I met freshman year in fall football camp, and have been close friends ever since. Our similarities lead us to become roommates Sophomore year, and sub sequentially many hours logged on Kurt's mint condition Nintendo Entertainment System. We also lived together in Uptown after college graduation. I have shared many seats at Twins, Vikings, and Gophers games with Kurt over the years, along with fish houses and boats.
    Kurt and his fiancé Kristen will be getting married next Spring and currently live in St Paul.
  • Maxwell Humann, Ring Bearer
    Max is my Nephew and is adored by our family. He is 4 and a half years old. He enjoys Minnesota Twins baseball, Minnesota Vikings football, and Fruity Pebbles.
Jaime's attendants
  • Cortney Goehner, Maid Of Honor
    Cortney is the middle sister in our family. Growing up we were very close and she followed in my footsteps and attended the College of Saint Benedict. Cortney and I continue to spend a lot of time together each week. She is my best friend and I'm happy she lives so close! Currently she lives in Uptown (Minneapolis)with her puppy Cal and works as an Account Executive downtown Minneapolis at SPS Commerce.
  • McCall Goehner, Maid Of Honor
    McCall is the baby of our family. She and I are very close despite a 7 year age difference. She reminds me of myself when I was in college. Every week we have long phone and texting conversations about college, boys, her future, etc. and she is growing up so quickly! McCall attends MSUM and this July will be doing a study abroad semester to Australia.
  • Alicia Brossart, Bridesmaid
    One of my best friends from Jamestown. Alicia and I met in first grade and bonded over our love for trolls! The rest fell into place and we have been inseparable ever since. Alicia lives in Evergreen, CO and is usually the life of the party. She is an unbelievable friend and I'm so grateful that she is able to stand up for me on this special day!
  • Briana Bye, Bridesmaid
    One of my best friends from Jamestown. Briana and I met in preschool where we enjoyed finger painting and birthday parties at McDonald's. Now we enjoy the bond of working in the food industry and ICE CREAM! Briana is married to Jared Bye and recently moved to Grand Rapids, MI. She is an amazing friend and I'm honored to have her stand up for us at our wedding!
  • Becky Boone, Bridesmaid
    One of my best friends from college. Becky and I met the first week of college because we lived on the same floor (Corona L)! We instantly had a connection and together participated in many shenanigans during our 4 years at St. Bens. Becky currently resides in St. Louis Park, MN with her husband Joe. I'm so thankful Becky is able to be part of our special day!
  • Daryl Kappenman, Bridesmaid
    Daryl is one of my best friends from college. We also met the first week of school because we lived on the same floor. We lived together for 3 years during college and have a ton of great memories. Daryl currently lives in Omaha, NE but will be moving to Fargo, ND with her husband Jim this spring. I'm so happy that Daryl is able to stand up for me and celebrate with us on our big day!
  • Ellie Christian, Other
    Ellie is a good friend and even more like a sister! We met after my Dad and Linda began dating 4 years ago. Throughout the last couple years we've made some great memories in Jamestown, Cabo, etc. and I look forward to making many more for years to come! Ellie resides in Elk River, MN with her puppy Prim.
  • Chelsey Shockman, Other
    Chelsey and I have been friends since birth. Our grandparents and parents are good friends. We are very close and have many childhood and adult memories together. Chelsey lives in Sioux Falls with her son Jack. I'm so happy she is able to be part of our wedding!
  • Sydney Humann, Flower Girl
    Sydney is Andy's niece and loved by everyone that meets her! She is 2 years old. Her spunky personality is infectious! She enjoys "dot-dot, line-line", jumping on beds, couches, etc., and shoes! Andy and I love her and we are so happy she is going to be our Flower Girl!
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